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Voodoo_Posse x Metal_Slammers Set of 10

Voodoo_Posse x Metal_Slammers Set of 10

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Was ist ABS-like Resin?

New, unpainted, unglued, unused, unpolished and comes in gray

VoDoo_Posse x Metal_Slammers

This set is a real treat for fans of cyberpsychos, cyberpunks and all kinds of street gangs. The new characters come from the gangs VooDoo Posse and Metal Slammers. Pepe Gede, a hacker and priest of the VooDoo Posse Gang, is a true master of soul summoning and programming. Together with loyal members of their family, they rule the misery in Sleepless City. Cutter and Supernova are brilliant at melee combat. One likes simple solutions, while the other prefers a more sophisticated fighting technique...

This set consists of:

- Cutter - Metal Slammers gang member

- Supernova - Metal Slammers gang member

- Barley - Sleepless City onlooker

- Shapu MOD3 - combat drone pose 1

- Shapu MOD3 - combat drone pose 2

- Shapu MOD3 - combat drone pose 3

- Papa Gede - Voodoo Posse gang member

- Le Kriminal - Vodoo Posse gang member

- Luis Savane - Voodoo Posse gang member

- Damballah Wedo - Vodoo Posse gang member

Miniature scale: 25mm

Materials: resin

Created in cooperation with


Product is only to be used from the age of 14!
Keep out of reach of children.
Danger of suffocation due to small parts that can be swallowed.
Since each product is handmade, small differences in quality cannot be avoided.


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